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Long time NBA expert David Locke hosts an NBA fans dream podcast. A deep dive into the NBA with passion, numbers and experience
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Mar 31, 2016

3:00 - What can we learn from Spurs and Warriors

8:00 - What is optimal offenses

12:00 - Is talent more important

13:00 - Nate Duncan tells what he is looking to emulate

18:00 - Is Al Horford play smart?

23:00 - Can 2 bigs be ok offensively

30:00 - Coaches emotions

34:00 - Value of Steals

40:00 - Does Pace lead to good offense

47:00 - Who matches best with Spurs and Warriors

50:00 - How much should starters play together

1:00:00 - A case for Miami as an Eastern Suprise

1:03:00 - A case for Atlanta 

1:04:00 - Thunder and Clippers

Mar 28, 2016

David Locke talks with NBA Scout about the hot topics of the NBA.  

*  Spurs or Warriors

*  Are Thnder a disappointment

*  How do you beat the Warriors?

*  Are the Cavs different

Mar 25, 2016

David Locke introduces PAAC, points above average created, an offensive metric. 

Mar 16, 2016

Some people reported that that Chad Ford podcast cut off at the :31 minute mark. Here is the full :48 minutes 

Mar 16, 2016

David Locke talks with SI media columnist Richard Deitsch about NBA Media, NBA on TNT, the future of NBA tv and more

Mar 11, 2016

Who should you watch in the NCAA tournament as it pertains to the 2016 NBA Draft

Mar 7, 2016

David Locke sits down with Good Friend Chuck Cooperstein for a wide ranging nba talk

Race for 8th in the West

6:00 - Where does Durant go

11:00 - Spurs clamp down

14:00 - Mimicking the Warriors

17:00 - Value of the bigs - Dwight Howard

20:00 - Blazers and Raptors

26:00 - Rapid Fire Questions

32:00 - Dirk

35:00 - The aging of LeBron

Mar 1, 2016

David Locke talks with NBA Curt Gowdy Hall of Famer Jackie MacMullan and Celtics announcer Sean Grande.  MacMullan talks greatness of Magic, Larry, Shaq, Steph Curry and others.  Grande talks LeBron, MVP, group think, cost of being a NBA player,