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Long time NBA expert David Locke hosts an NBA fans dream podcast. A deep dive into the NBA with passion, numbers and experience
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Apr 19, 2016

1:00 - Dallas v. OKC

          What Dallas did to Durant

          How Rick Carlisle gets such production 


12:30 - Toronto v. Indiana

16:25 - Houston v. Golden State

20:00 - Atlanta v. Boston

24:30 - Can Atlanta beat Cleveland

26:00 - Detroit v. Cleveland

            Long conversation about Kyrie Irving

30:20 - Miami v. Charlotte

33:30 - Clippers v. Portland

40:00 - 2 great play sets from Clippers v. Portland

44:30 -  MVP top 5

46:00 - Defensive Player of the Year


Apr 8, 2016

PAAC - Points above average created 

Who are the most impact offensive players?

Who are the least impact defensive players?

Who are the hottest over the last 10 and the coldest?

Who is the clutchest and least clutch


Apr 6, 2016

1:30 - What do you believe in?

5:00 - Is defense analytics more important?

10:00 - Dinosaurs

12:00 - Brilliant coaching

20:00 - OKC Thunder issues  - Billy Donovan or roster make-up

25:00 - Love of high volume shooters and Ricky Davis

31:00 - Value of Mid rane

34:00 - LeBron mindset

38:00 - Kobe, MJ, Duncan and LeBron how they are similar

42:00 - Andrew Wiggins

44:00 - how good is Gordon Hayward 


Apr 1, 2016

PAAC  - Points above average created.

An offensive metric that David Locke uses to evaluate players

Top offensive players in the NBA and who have been the worst

Who is the hottest player in the NBA and who is the coldest?

Where does Steph Curry season rank?

Who are the greatest offensive seasons of all time?

The best ever over 35 and best ever under 20?