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Long time NBA expert David Locke hosts an NBA fans dream podcast. A deep dive into the NBA with passion, numbers and experience
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Jan 27, 2016

David Locke talks with a Veteran of the NBA Front Offices.  He joins the show anonymously to give the inside scoop on how trades are made, how the league is evolving, how teams communicate with league about officials 

Jan 22, 2016

David Locke sits down Zach Lowe to discuss David Blatt firing, small ball teams and skill ball teams, Warriors, Gordon Hayward and Quin Snyder

Jan 19, 2016

David Locke talks with ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton 

2:00 - How do you evaluate players

5:00 - evaluating players in NBA history

8:00 - Pelton system to evaluate all time players

11:00 - impact of international players

14:00 - how you look at eras



Jan 14, 2016

David Locke and Kevin Pelton talk about 

1:30 - Big trends of the NBA

8:30 - How many threes should teams take

10:30 - Why aren't teams more effective

16:00 - Future trends for acquiring players  - Kwahi Leonard and Jimmy Butler

21:00 - What is good coaching in the NBA


Jan 13, 2016

David Locke introduces a new national NBA podcast called Locked on NBA

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